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At Exclusive Landscapes, we offer a range of exciting Photography Courses:

     1. Introduction to Photography:

          Prices: 1 person=£180, 2 people=£225, 3 people=£250

     2. Introduction to Landscape Photography:

       Prices: 1 person=£180, 2 people=£225, 3 people=£250

     3. Introduction to Low Light/Night Photography:

         Prices: 1 person=£180, 2 people=£225, 3 people=£250

     4. Specialist Tailor-made Photography Courses:

        Price: Prices vary depending what you want - please email us - we'll sort it!

Photography Courses - Based in Sheffield We’re in Yorkshire!

General Points for All Courses:

We prefer to work in small groups of 1, 2 or 3 people. We can suggest suitable guest accommodation for those of you who live far away from our base in Yorkshire if required.

Some walking boots is advisable with good grip and a weatherproof jacket should the weather turn against us. Fingerless gloves are also recommended.

We do have a spare Canon DSLR in the rare case that you forget to bring your own, haha!

We will arrange transport on the day to the various locations.

Physical disability is not normally a problem. Many of our shooting locations have special mobility buggies, which enable wheelchair users and people who have difficulty walking short distances a chance to grab some superb shots!

All training notes will be fully supplied by us. We have spare paper if you wish to make any additional notes.

For all courses we ask for an advanced cheque payment of £50 as your booking deposit. You can pay the outstanding balance on the day by cash or PayPal.

If you have any other or specific questions please send us an Email and we'll get back to you within two or three hours usually.

We really look forward to meeting you here in Sunny Yorkshire!

Hands-On, Practical, Packed with Amazing projects, Theory taught by Practical Examples, Theory demonstrated in the field. We don’t do Boring!